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Licensing Guidelines

All individuals, groups, and organizations (both on- and off-campus) that desire to use Penn State indicia (marks, names, and logos) must receive written approval from the Office of Licensing Programs prior to the production of any products bearing these indicia.


Licensing Information for Penn State Faculty, Staff, and Students


University-approved student clubs and organizations need to obtain the approval of the Office of Licensing Programs to use University indicia on merchandise.

University academic and administrative units may use the University mark on their printed and electronic communications, signage, vehicles, and promotional items. The mark is the only indicia authorized for general use by academic and administrative units. Other University indicia have very specific uses and should only be used in the proper context. Contact the Office of Licensing Programs for detailed information and written approval.


Producing Penn State Merchandise


Only manufacturers that are licensed by the University are authorized to produce Penn State merchandise.

All designs for merchandise must be approved prior to manufacture. The manufacturer who holds the license to produce Penn State merchandise will submit the design to the Office of Licensing Programs for review.

For more information about producing Penn State merchandise, contact the Office of Licensing Programs or visit the Department of University Publications.


Restrictions on Sale of Merchandise


No faculty, staff, or student group, club, department, or organization may sell merchandise on the University Park campus without the express written permission of the Office of Licensing Programs. Student clubs and groups are permitted to sell merchandise only in designated areas and then only with permission. Contact [email protected] for more information.